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“Come closer; let me get a good look at you.”You stepped forward, hands still raised, and allowed her to study your face.

Her expression was almost contemplative.“What is your name? I’m going to give you two options; either leave now and return with the head of the fool who hired you, or be hunted down by my men and beheaded. ”You blinked in surprise a few times, having expected her to immediately put you to death.

I especially appreciate any suggestions for improvement.

It is clear that Jesus and his disciples expected his return while some of them were still alive—in their own generation. Well, nothing short of the authority of Scripture and indeed the divinity of Christ.

All it took was one misplaced step to give away your cover and awaken your would-be victim. ”She had figured out at once that you were an assassin.

You realized that this probably wasn’t the first time someone had sent one after her.“I’m afraid I can’t say, Your Grace.”“Hmm,” Cersei shuffled in the darkness and suddenly, one of the candles at her bedside lit up the lavishly decorated quarters.

But, if you are ready to search the Scriptures about Bible prophecy, you have come to the right place!

This is a brief introduction to my book: ************************************************************************** Have you ever been concerned that what your church is teaching about Bible prophecy does not match up to what the Bible actually says?

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